How to Give Yourself a Break in the New Normal

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COVID-19 continues to be a significant force in the world that has changed so much about how society works. Jobs are affected, routines, habits, and lifestyles have shifted, and it seems like the new normal has become rooted in everyone’s life now. At this point, it’s reasonable to start feeling some cabin fever and feel overwhelmed with everything. After all, anyone not struggling with sudden unemployment is trying their best to work from home. Or they might be out in the frontlines, tending to the sick and keeping crucial parts of the economy running. So, how can you give yourself a break from all the stresses that come with this state of pandemic regulations and restrictions filled with uncertainty?

Read on for some little ways you can take a breather.

Don’t overdo your workload.

If you have the power to control your schedule, make sure you can stick to that specific work timetable. Not only can you get things done efficiently, but you can also have a distinctive cutoff between the time you dedicate to work and the time that you have for anything you want to do. Now is not the time to try and overcompensate, as it can just lead to burnout. Even in the medical field, there are healthcare staffing agencies that are readily available to take over when the staff needs workforce.

Reserve a few hours a day to engaging hobbies

The reason hobbies can be a helpful way to relax is that they are noted as “purposeful activity.” This form of taking a break doesn’t leave you listless and open to just thinking about your stresses while staring at the sky. It keeps you engaged and can rejuvenate you with something that keeps your mind stimulated while unwinding it from routine and the pressures that come with that. As long as you pick a hobby that suits your interests, regardless of what field it may be in, it can be a great way to improve your mood and wellbeing.

Slowly dive into other long-term goals.

Being able to tackle some long-term goals you’ve set for yourself can be a great relief that unburdens your mind a little. That said, it may feel overwhelming to dive into them, especially with everything going on right now that puts a wrench in many plans. Resist the temptation to go full-force to make your quarantine productive. Slowly pick through them and see where you can start, and you’ll be able to track your progress more smoothly.



As of 2019, over 62% of adults were no longer sleeping well when they go to bed. One can only imagine how this number has shifted with everything that is ‘2020.’ Don’t leave sleep on the back burner, and make sure that you get both the number of hours and actual time right when you dedicate bedtime for yourself.

Balance disconnecting and connecting

If you feel lonely, start up a chat or video call with some friends and family. If you are overwhelmed with everything, allow yourself to shut off those devices and leave the Internet for a while. Stay attuned to your own needs, because, in a routine, you would not be exposed to too much of them.

All of these can do a lot to help you feel like you’re getting enough of a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and things will follow accordingly.

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