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How to Have an Organized Art Studio for Painters in Seattle

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Seattle is known for its vibrant art scene, making it a perfect place for painters to thrive and build their career. However, if there’s one thing that hinders many painters from maximizing their craft and time, it’s home disorganization.

The spontaneity of creating art makes it easy to mix supplies, spill paint all over the newspaper laid out on the floor, lose track of your tools, and, well, everything else. When you’re in the zone, it’s hard to stay organized, but a messy studio actually hampers your ability to focus and be productive. Thus, instead of buying into the myth that artists are naturally chaotic and unorganized, here are tips you can use to keep your home organized as you pursue your art career:

1. Find a place for every tool in your studio

Spend one afternoon to plan where you want to put each tool in your studio and organize it accordingly. The way you organize your tools should be according to your painting habits. For example, most artists want to paint opposite a window to get good lighting. Place your canvas there, and organize your paintbrushes, color materials, and other painting tools nearby.

If you lack storage, see if you can get cheap shelving from a garage sale or a local thrift store. It’s also better to store materials in clear plastic boxes so that you can easily see what each box contains. Labels are also a good way to keep track of everything. A pegboard is also a space-saving way to store your materials. Plus, you can easily see your tools, lessening time spent on looking for them. You should also have a filing system for printed inspirations, emails, and other documents.

If your studio is enormous and organizing it is going to take you more than a day, you may need professional help. Consider getting a home organizing service for artists so that you can have an organized art studio faster.

2. Dispose of everything you don’t need

Most of the time, the reason your space feels so cluttered is not because of disorganized stuff but because of clutter that has no business being there. You have to be honest with yourself. Do you really need that decade-old brush that you don’t even use anymore? You’ll be surprised how much space you’ll get just by throwing out old stuff. You can then use your newfound space to store things you actually need. If throwing out your supplies is unbearable, consider donating them to art schools or organizations. At least, you’ll know that your babies are going to good hands.

3. Commit to keeping your art studio tidy

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Now that you have everything in order, you have to exert a little bit of extra effort to keep it that way. At the end of the day, no matter how tired you feel, spend a few minutes to put everything back to where they belong. This way, when you start working again the next day, you’ll have the physical and mental space you need to get right to it. You won’t have to spend time finding where everything is, so you’ll have a chance to start afresh.

Contrary to popular belief, a little organization doesn’t hurt creativity. In fact, it gives you the space you need to let your creative ideas flow, thrive, and come to life. Get a professional to the job for you if you are certain you cannot do it all by yourself.

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