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Summer Skincare Regimen

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Summers in Salt Lake City is a great time to go out and have fun with your friends and family. You can explore the canyons, hike, visit museums, attend a concert, and more. But along with all the fun outdoor activities waiting for you, you’ll also have the harsh effects of the sun on your skin to deal with. When exposed to the sun for too long, your skin can develop wrinkles, discoloration, and dryness. To enjoy the summer and protect your skin while you’re at it, get to know these skin care tips:

Never go out without applying sunscreen

Not enough folks appreciate the impact of using sunscreen on our skin health. Sunlight reaches the earth as a combination of visible and invisible rays. Most of these rays are made up of what is known as ultraviolet (UV) light. When our body comes in contact with UV rays, our body processes are negatively affected, consequently causing a host of skin problems, including wrinkles. In the worst-case scenario, overexposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer.

Sunscreen blocks these harmful UV rays. Make sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and apply it thoroughly on your face, neck, hands, and arms. Also, don’t forget to reapply after sweating or swimming. Don’t forget your lips! Wear lip balm or lipstick with SPF 30 or higher to protect them from sunburns. If you’re unsure which type of sunscreen to get for your skin type, it’s best to consult a Salt Lake City dermatologist.

Drink lots of water

Woman about to drink waterThe best thing you can do to keep your skin moisturized and well hydrated is to drink lots of water. Since you sweat more during summer, increase your water intake to up to 12 to 15 glasses or 2.7 liters. If you’re not used to drinking that much, make it more fun by infusing it with your favorite fruits such as mangoes or oranges. If your skin still feels dry, try using moisturizing lotion or oil. You can also use hydrating toners and face and body masks or mists.

Dress strategically

Clothes are another layer of protection from the sun’s harsh rays. If you’re going out, especially around midday when the sunrays are harshest, it’s best to wear loose-fitting long sleeves. These will keep your arms protected while keeping you comfortable. You should also wear a hat to shade your face and a pair of eyeglasses to protect your eyes. If you want to wear shorts or a short skirt, be sure to apply sunscreen on your legs liberally.

Skip on the makeup

Lastly, summer is a perfect time to let your skin breathe by skipping makeup. If you do need to wear makeup, use non-comedogenic ones to lessen the clogging of your pores. A CC cream is also a good alternative to your heavy foundation as it provides full coverage while being lightweight and hydrating.

Summer can mean more time to spend with your family and friends, but it can also ruin your skin if you’re not careful. With proper skincare tips in summer, you can have healthy, radiant skin all throughout summer.

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