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Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Active this Summer

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Summer is coming, and it’s time for the kids to take a break from their hectic school schedule. This means it’s also the perfect time to bond with your little ones and create great memories together.

Although it is an enjoyable time for kids, most parents panic because they have no idea how to keep their young ones engaged, healthy, and active during those six weeks. So, here are a few tips to make your life easier this summer.

Encourage Healthy Eating

If you ask any children’s dentist in Herriman, they’ll say that the major cause for parents to flock their clinics is unhealthy eating, which includes feeding kids with too many sugary snacks. Don’t let your guard down when it comes to healthy eating just because it’s summertime. This must be the routine all year round regardless of the season. So, keep making healthy meals at home. If you have to go out and eat, then make sure it’s limited to just once a week. Most restaurants do not make very healthy meals for kids (and no kid would order broccoli anyway).

The best way to encourage healthy eating is by stocking healthy foods and snacks at home. Also, watch what you eat. Children get their eating habits from grownups. You cannot tell your kid not to eat crisps when you are busy eating them yourselves. Set a good example and commit to it.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Yes, it can be tiring to run around with kids in the park, but the benefits far outweigh your need to lay on the couch. Kids need to play outside to develop their skills and creativity. There are a lot of activities that you can engage in to enjoy the summer holiday. You can go swimming, hiking, and bike riding; you can even team up with other parents and organize soccer competitions – there’s just so much to do outside the house.

Reduce Screen Time to 2 Hours Max

Kid browsing the internet with his dadWith this, you have to be very strict. While they can learn a lot of things from watching TV, it can also make them lazy mentally and physically. Allocate some time for TV viewing, but make it just two hours max. Also, the content they are watching has to be supervised. It must be something educational. The same is true if you want them to use the computer.

Let Them Enjoy Their Hobbies

Every child has that one activity that they enjoy. It could be painting, drawing, or even jewelry making. If they love birds, take them out for bird watching; if they love dancing, sign them up for some dancing lessons. The point is to allow them to do what they love doing. If you don’t know what your child’s interest is, start observing them now to see what activity lights them up. They might change their hobbies as they grow up and that’s fine. Always be there to support them.

Keep Their Brains Active

Just because your kids are not in school doesn’t mean they should put their books away. Set aside some time for studying every day. Keep their brains active with some book reading and board games. Remember that learning has to be continuous. Otherwise, they will find it hard to adjust when it’s time to be back to school again.

Six weeks can either be a long or short time depending on how you plan your kid’s summer holiday. With the ideas above, it will seem short, especially since it will be both fun and educational. But the important thing is you get to spend some time with your children without neglecting their learning and development.

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