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Five Types of Bed to Expect in Nursing Centers

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A nursing center provides patients with different care services depending on their needs, which include day and night supervision, meals, and rehabilitation such as speech and physical therapy. Some patients stay there for only a short while, but other residents live there permanently.

This is often the case in senior nursing homes in Worcester County. Families who admit their elderly loved ones in these facilities want them to receive the best care possible. For this reason, these centers need facilities like beds that will make the residents comfortable. The following are the most commonly used beds in these centers.

The Electric Bed

The electric bed is standard in many forward-thinking centers. It features buttons on different rails that the user can access easily. With these buttons, they can adjust the position of the bed to one that feels comfortable. Manufacturers make these beds differently, but most of them have a backup battery system. The system kicks in when there is no power and makes sure that the bed is still functional.

The Gatch Bed

This comes with zero dynamic capabilities. This is usually adjusted using mechanical systems through a hand crank. The crank is often located near the feet under the mattress, and this is meant to be handled by the caretakers, not the patient. However, few exceptions have the crank located near the hands, but even then, one needs considerable strength to work around them.

The Low Bed

True to its name, this bed is closer to the floor than the typical bed. It is meant to serve people who are likely to fall off the bed, making it such that they will not be injured. The bed can also be used with people for whom mobility is an issue. This type of bed often has side rails for added security. There is also usually an option to adjust the height upward.

The Low Air Lose Bed

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This bed was initially made for patients with burns or skin grafts. However, they have recently become popular with seniors. This is because the bed is designed to keep the patient cool. The mattress usually has special sacs that serve this purpose. People with circulatory problems can also benefit from these beds.

The Clinitron Bed

This bed is specially designed for someone suffering from different skin conditions. The mattress usually has a filler material with the structure of sand. This means that warm air can circulate and so the bed can maintain the temperatures constant while still supporting the weight of the patient.

As there are many types of beds even in nursing homes, it is essential to know which one suits the intended use. Questions like how long the patient is to spend on the bed and why they need it will have to be answered. You also need to consider the issue of mobility. Overall, when it comes to making the best choice for your aging loved one, the best bet is to go with a center that takes these decisions off your hands.

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