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What Do Sports Medicine Doctors Do and How Do You Find One?

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Ever wonder why sports athletes maintain form even after injury? Well, it is all because of sports medicine doctors. These types of doctors are specialists in many sports-related conditions and problems.

If you are looking for a sports medicine doctor in Suwanee, GA, keep reading for some helpful facts.

Duties of a Sports Medicine Doctor

Sports medicine doctors diagnose and treat sports injuries and other related issues. Normally, they work as orthopedic surgeons or primary care physicians working with both professional and amateur athletes. Typical duties include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of injuries and other conditions
  • Treatment design and formulation of rehabilitation plans
  • Prescription of medicines
  • Consultation with patient athletes regarding their recovery
  • Provision of assistance to physical therapists regarding rehabilitation as well as trainers to craft applicable exercise regimens

Tips When Hiring a Sports Medicine Doctor

Injured man consulting a doctorChoosing the right sports medicine doctor is crucial, for the most part, since you are putting into his hands the future of your sports career. Even if you are not an athlete and had suffered a sports-related injury from, say, a weekend football game, you still need to have a reliable doctor to guide you through recovery and better fitness. When hiring one, check the tips below.

  • Ask for a referral – Your primary care physician is the best person to get a referral from. They usually have a network of doctors whom they usually refer patients to. At best, they know many doctors especially if they had worked with them previously. You can also get referrals from your family, your friends, or your healthcare provider.
  • Create a Shortlist from your referrals – After getting a few names from referrals, narrow down the list by checking on their credentials. You can use factors such as the proximity of doctor’s office, experience, and education as primary criteria. When you have chosen a few, try to call them and set an appointment. During the appointment, interview them and ask what they can do.
  • Check qualifications and experience – Your shortlist is expected to produce the very best sports medicine doctors in your area. Start your deeper search by looking into their education, board certification, and experience. Coming from a good medical school is fundamental, but your search should not end there. Make sure the doctor is board certified too. Experience will tell if the doctor has been exposed long enough to the world of sports medicine practice.
  • Examine skill – A doctor’s way of communication, professional etiquette, and focus on helping patients should be enough to warrant a good record. You can identify these when you make your first interview until the time you begin to dig deeper into his credentials. Using patient satisfaction surveys also help as they provide information on how trustworthy and reliable a doctor is.

Sports medicine doctors specialize in athletic injuries and health conditions. They offer a service that is quite unique in the medical world. They not only serve to treat patients and do it well, but they also significantly factor in into a patient’s sports future.

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