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How Topical Pain Relief Contributes to Massage Therapy

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A growing number of people are now discovering the fantastic benefits of engaging in physical activity. More and more people are now getting themselves involved in running, biking, yoga, and even swimming. However, together with the growing interest in sports is a higher risk of injury. A few of the most common sport-related injuries include groin pull, tennis elbow, shin splints, and knee problems. In most cases, using the right topical pain relief product and massage therapy can help reduce the inflammation. But how doe massage therapists use topical pain relief to help their clients with the pain?

The effects of topical pain relief in massage therapy

Massage therapists often use topical pain relief products to treat sports injuries. They apply it on the affected area and then wrap it up or put kinesiology tape over it. Most topical pain relievers have various ingredients that help treat muscle aches. Moreover, they also help improve circulation and promotes better oxygen flow. Some even have ingredients that help relax the muscles and prevent them from aching or becoming stiff. Most topical pain relievers contain arnica to ease pain and inflammation, as well as witch hazel to relieve fatigue.

Topical pain relief options for everyone

muscle pain

Analgesic rubs, sprays, and creams

You can use topical pain killers or analgesics to help relieve the pain from your muscles and joints. You can either spray them or rub them on your skin to alleviate the pain. However, be mindful of their ingredients when using them. There are a few that contain counterirritants such as menthol and camphor that distract you from the pain. They often produce a cooling or burning sensation that has a calming effect on others. There are also products that have salicylates that provide pain relief. People will feel its results once the skin absorbs the cream. Meanwhile, others contain capsaicin, which is an active component of hot chili peppers. It’s also one of the most common ingredients in most topical pain relief products.

Hot and cold compresses

Another pain relief option that people can consider is hot and cold packs. This type of treatment is perfect for those with sore joints and muscles. You can apply cold packs when experiencing an arthritis flair or a joint injury. Using cold packs can reduce inflammation by contracting blood flow to the treated area. On the other hand, heat packs can help dilate the blood vessels, thus causing your muscles to relax and decrease the pain. You can use heating pads or even hot water bottles to apply them in the injured area.

To get the most out of them, you can either use heat or cold packs for at least 15 to 20 minutes until the pain subsides. You also need to place a towel or any piece of cloth between your skin and the heat or cold source to shield you from burns. You can also ask your chiropractor in Chandler, Arizona for any other alternative options to help you relieve the pain. It is always best to complete your therapy to ensure that you recover from your injury.

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