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Keeping Toddlers Healthy and Happy: What Parents Need to Do

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Taking care of a toddler is only one of the more challenging moments parents must face. Toddlers can be clingy, cranky, all over the place, curious, and care-free, but they are the ultimate source of joy for many parents and families. When taking care of toddlers, you need to provide them with everything that would encourage them to explore and experience the world.

Aside from providing them with toys that teach them about colors, numbers, shapes and letters, parents should also encourage their children to practice healthy habits. Here are some ways busy parents can teach their curious toddlers to make these healthy habits a regular activity.

Provide Healthy Meals and Snacks

The secret to a child who is not a picky eater is a varied choice of meals with different tastes and textures. Many family doctors in places like Salem encourage parents to feed their toddlers with fruits, healthy snacks and home-cooked meals that are nutritious and tasty. Your baby’s daily diet should include a portion of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. They should also drink lots of water, so they won’t dehydrate when they run around.

Teach Toddlers Basic Hygiene

Hygiene is essential when raising children, and the best way for parents to do this is to do it together with their children. Wash your hands with your children, brush your teeth before you all go to bed, and eat together, so they know how to handle food properly. The sooner they start learning these basic hygiene tips, the better for their health. You minimize the risk of your toddler getting sick.

Encourage Curiosity and Activity


Keep your toddler busy with physical activities. It is very tempting to give them a tablet full of games to play with or keep them glued on TV with their favorite shows to keep them quiet, but you should provide physical activities that encourage them to experience the world. Take them outdoors to the park or the zoo, take them for play dates so they will develop their social skills even at a young age. You can create a schedule for their activities and make it a routine so that it’s easy for both you and the kids.

Make Your House Child-Proof

Toddlers are very unpredictable. One minute they are on your lap, the next they are in the laundry room climbing up the machines or jumping on the bed. Make sure your kitchen cabinets are locked, and that dangerous tools and chemicals are not within their reach. If your child expresses an interest in doing kitchen duties, buy kitchen toys that would help them simulate your kitchen activities.

The Doctor is Your Friend

Your toddler should not fear a visit to a doctor or dentist. Make sure to schedule regular checkups with your family doctor so they could monitor your child’s growth. They are also responsible for making sure your child has the proper vaccinations, so you should teach your child that seeing the doctor is to make sure that they are healthy.

Children are a challenge, but as all parents know, raising a healthy and happy child is the best reward of all.

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