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Keeping Your Child’s Health in Check During the Winter

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Utah gets its fair share of winter snow every year; winter is a time for fun activities that engage the kids, such as hiking trails and skating. The best part of it is that they are free and straightforward. However, spending time outdoors in such difficult weather means that everyone needs to protect, especially children. Hypothermia, dental problems, and several other illnesses are always a possibility. Make sure you can call a doctor or a dentist for kids near your residence in Utah or Kentucky when winter sets in.

Dreaded Illnesses in Winter

The cold season comes with a host of diseases that could strike anytime. One of them is the common cold, a disease that is characterized by symptoms such as headache, sore throat, and running nose. Different viruses cause common colds so that this ailment can occur even during other times of the year. Alongside common cold is influenza, which most people refer to as flu. It is a more serious one, as muscle pains and extreme fever accompany it. Children can also contract pneumonia, which is a bacterial disease. Other illnesses to watch out for include strep throat, Croup, and Bronchiolitis.

Oral Health Challenges

The serious effects of winter conditions on a person’s lips are widely known, but there are other concerns related to oral health. Viruses trigger most of them, but you cannot rule out other illnesses, too. Exposure to cold can cause cold sores on the lips and canker sores on the inside of the mouth due to excessive intake of acidic foods or drinks. Adults and children alike can experience sensitive teeth during winter because like any other matter, teeth respond to changes in temperature – they contract under cold environment and expand when exposed to heat.

If the contraction and expansion processes are repetitive, the teeth may crack and leave the matter below the enamel (dentin) exposed. Dry mouth challenges are also common, given that the air tends to be dryer than normal. During winter, the immunity system may function differently, allowing gum infection and inflammation to develop. The list is endless.

Secrets for a Healthy Winter Experience

Family eating healthy foodEating nutritious food is probably the most effective way of warding off winter health scares. The body needs plenty of vitamins, carbohydrates, and fiber. Strive to have a diet comprising of protein and antioxidants, too. Vitamin C rich foods include strawberries, oranges, guava, and broccoli. Get some good vitamin A from foods such as spinach, carrots, sweet potato, and eggs. Zinc is found in brown rice, kidney beans, dark chocolates, and peanuts.

The winter season can easily trick you into avoiding water, both in terms of drinking and bathing. It is necessary to hydrate the body adequately to not only increase immunity but also keep the skin supple and remove toxins from the body. You can also keep a wide range of winter ailments at bay by wearing appropriate layers for warmth. Even if you have to wear a uniform for work, make sure you have long sleeved tops or tights underneath. For kids, getting good winter outfits is always preferable. As for the teeth, the best protection is staying away from cold and observing general oral hygiene. If you must go out, cover the mouth to maintain the optimum temperature in the mouth.

Keeping your kids and yourself from the doctor’s office can be a huge challenge during the winter months in winter. The need for a dentist for kids is not unusual during this season because of a wide range of oral problems, including teeth sensitivity. Teach everyone in the house different ways of preventing diseases during this challenging season to avoid distractions to normal activities.

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