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Sports Massage and Similar Forms of Massage Therapy

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A lot of people, athletes or not, are benefiting from sports massage therapy nowadays. Office workers, gym buffs, athletes, and everyone in between can receive this type of massage and enjoy its many benefits. Find out how you can benefit from sports massage therapy by checking out the following basic information about it:

All About Sports Massage

As the term obviously implies, sports massage therapy is originally designed for athletes who are exposed to strenuous physical activity due to the nature of their sports. The therapy is given either to facilitate fast muscle recovery from an injury or to condition the muscles to prevent future injuries. Athletes preparing for a competition can include this type of massage in their training.

Most massage centers offer this therapy along with other types of massage such as deep tissue massage. The therapy usually comes with strength training, flexibility training, and even hydrotherapy. In many cases, a program is specially created to suit the unique needs of the athlete client.

Non-athletes can also get different benefits from sports massage. Minor injuries due to workplace accidents, for instance, can be managed through such massage therapy. The same is true in the case of people who experience chronic pain or restricted motion due to improper posture. If you’ve been suffering from pain in the neck, back, shoulders, or hip, this massage can give you relief. Like other types of massage, it can also significantly lower levels of stress and anxiety, thus helping improve the person’s quality of life.

Massage Therapy

Similar Other Types of Massage

There are many other types of massage that provide patients with the necessary support when it comes to their physical health. One example is deep tissue massage. This type of massage involves the application of firm pressure and slow strokes, targeting the deep layers of the muscles and connective tissue (fascia).

Much like sports massage, deep tissue massage may also offer relief from back pain, sore shoulders, and stiff neck. According to centers offering deep tissue massage in Salt Lake City, tightness in the leg muscles can also be reduced by this type of massage. It also helps promote muscle recovery during sports and non-sports injuries.

Trigger point massage is another highly beneficial form of massage. It is designed to relieve the source of pain by means of applying cycles of isolated pressure and release. The client receiving the massage is involved in the process as they are asked to breathe deeply to identify the level and exact area of discomfort. The therapy works by releasing constricted muscles in the affected area, thereby relieving pain. Receiving regular trigger point massage helps in natural pain management and reduction of stress from chronic injuries.

Sports massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point massage are only three of the many kinds of therapies you can use to manage body aches, speed up injury recovery, and keep your muscles in good shape. Before receiving any of these, consult your doctor and get the service of a licensed massage therapist to ensure your safety.

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