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State-of-the-art iTero scanners that make dental impressions painless, quick, twice as accurate and comfortable.

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People who have had braces in the past are undeniably happy about the result of having straight teeth, but what is the most unpleasant part of the experience? Apart from the first few days of having braces that are no doubt painful as your teeth adapt, having dental impressions done of your teeth with moulds made of putty leaves a lot to be desired.  Those first moments of sitting still as the putty dries and you trying to calm your gag reflex are uncomfortable and leave you with a bad aftertaste, only to have the ordeal repeated if the impressions are not precise enough.

Advancements in orthodontics have introduced invisible braces to the market and with it the advanced technology of Invisalign iTero, which has eliminated the need for using traditional dental impressions.

What is it?

A state-of-the-art scanner that produces highly realistic 3D models of your teeth.

With this machine, the process of having images of your teeth taken are not only non-invasive but also quick and accurate.

Photographs of your teeth show up on your screen immediately as they are captured in “real time”. Rather than having them sent off to the laboratory for a further examination which could take a matter of weeks, only to be told the prints are inaccurate, the process of devising your treatment plan based on the results can begin immediately using the 3D models on record.

At the same time, the scanner works like a blueprint that forecasts the movement of your teeth, meaning you can see the outcome of your treatment before you have even started to wear your aligners. In turn, this will help you develop realistic expectations of how your teeth and smile might potentially look post-treatment.

Every time you return to the dentist’s office to pick up the new aligner trays, which happens every two weeks, you can track your progress and see how your teeth are gradually moving into their desired position. If you are tired of having to wear your aligners, understanding how your teeth are slowly moving into place is encouraging and motivating.

How it works

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A dental practitioner takes impressions of your teeth using what appears to be a compact wand, that scans your teeth and gums. The instrument comes in various sizes but is small enough to fit into your mouth without you feeling much discomfort. This means you can breathe normally and you are less likely to gag as a foreign object moves around your mouth. If you feel at all uncomfortable, you can ask for the process to be paused.

Overall, unlike with traditional dental impressions, the procedure is quick, and less stressful and traumatic for the patient, especially for younger children and teenagers.

Which treatments can use the iTero scanner?

While typically used for Invisalign, a teeth straightening aid using clear, removable aligners, the scanner can be used for most orthodontic treatments in non-complicated cases, as well as for dental implants, bridges and veneers.

Start the process of having your teeth straightened today with technology made with the customer’s comfort in mind – quick, easy and non-invasive!

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