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The Positive Benefits Of Dental Implants, Herefordshire

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Losing a tooth or some teeth can be an experience that most people find distressful, with long-lasting impacts both physically and mentally. This experience can be painful at the moment at loss, lead to a lasting feeling of gum sensitivity within the area of the missing tooth or teeth, and lead to a feeling of being self-conscious if the loss is in a highly visible part of the mouth, an example would be the front of the mouth.

Many people who suffer tooth loss may find they start to make small changes to the way they used their mouth and teeth; the most common change is avoiding the eating of harder foods. Others may make more extreme usage changes, this may lead to someone avoiding smiling at times they should do naturally.

Dental implants, Herefordshire, could change life for many people who have suffered tooth loss, giving them their smiles back and allowing them to regain the ability to eat the harder foods that they may enjoy.

A permanent solution to tooth loss

Dental implants represent a real long term solution to the loss of a tooth or several teeth, as they are a permanent, fixed in place, tooth replacement therapy. Once in place, the patient should feel like they have regained their natural teeth, as they can be treated as such. This allows them to carry on their life with the knowledge that they have strong teeth in the area where the loss occurred.

When cared for correctly, via brushing and flossing, these replacement teeth will last the wearer an entire lifetime.

Addressing misconceptions about tooth loss

Many people believe that most of the cases of tooth loss that occurs in the UK are due to bad oral hygiene habits, while this is one of the contributing factors causing tooth loss it is by no means the sole reason for tooth loss.

dental procedure for replacing lost tooth

One of the main reasons for tooth loss is physical injury or accident, this could be caused by an incident when playing sport or road accident. Another common way is physical injury is caused is the way some used their teeth; the teeth should not be used to loosen tops or lids of bottles or jars and must not be used to loosen knots in items such as shoelaces.

In the worst-case scenarios

If the worst should happen and someone ends up losing a tooth or some teeth, they can take comfort in the knowledge that there is a replacement solution that is widely available on the UK dental market. What follows is a brief outline of the procedure involved in this treatment.

First, a titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone, this helps to create a strong and sturdy base for the crown that forms the tooth to sit on. The crown is created using a ceramic material, that is shaped and coloured in a way that will allow it to blend in with any remaining teeth around the loss.

A real lasting solution

For those who have suffered tooth loss these implants represent a long-lasting replacement option, that is hardwearing and can be used just like natural teeth.

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