The Truth About Skin Cancer

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Do you know that 20% of American residents get diagnosed with skin cancer at least once in their lifetime? Skin cancer is a condition that affects skin on any part of the body and is treatable when diagnosed during the early stages. There are, however, many myths concerning skin cancer that affect the notion of treating skin cancer among many individuals in Salt Lake City:

Certain diets offer protection from sunburns

The hype for taking healthy food has taken many individuals by storm, and it is for good. However, regardless of the duration you have been eating healthy food and the quantity of healthy food you consume, diet does not protect individuals from getting sun cancer or sunburns.

Your skin is safe without burns

Although sunburns are a great sign that your skin is suffering from damage from the sun’s rays, they are not the ultimate sign that your skin is healthy. The regular tan you could be getting from the sun causes skin damage and increases the chances of getting skin cancer. The biggest contributor to getting skin cancer is exposure to the sun and not sunburns.

Wearing sunscreen is safe


Most individuals wear sunscreen because it is resistant to water. However, the water-resistant property is different from being waterproof. When swimming, the sunscreen will come off. If you are not in water, you will sweat, and it will come off. To get the most benefit from sunscreen, ensure that it first dries on your skin to prevent it from getting washing away. You can also reapply the sunscreen after some time to ensure that you protect your skin.

Skin exposure for long is good

The body gets vitamin D from the food you eat and sun exposure. Wearing ordinary skin protection cream does not interfere with the process of your skin getting the vitamin D from the sun. Some individuals believe that they should bask for long to get enough vitamin D. Studies reveal that getting sun exposure for about 10 minutes a day is enough to meet the vitamin D needs for your body. You can meet the vitamin D requirement for your body by taking medical supplements according to a physician’s prescription. That will be better than staying in the sun for long because you increase the chances of getting skin cancer.

Glass blocks the sun’s rays

When buying a vehicle or getting windows for your home or office, many individuals insist on getting glass that vendors claim to offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays. However, the truth is that glass offers protection from UVB rays and not the UVA rays. It is advisable that you do not depend on the glass for skin protection. Instead, get the right skin protection cream when sitting close to a window or when driving.

Understanding the truth about skin damage and the causes will help you make better decisions in protecting your skin. Skin cancer is one of the serious types of cancer in the world, but it is preventable and curable. Consult with skin care experts in Salt Lake City for skin cancer treatment and advice to protect yourself from skin damage and skin cancer further.

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