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Why not try a new virtual reality experience?

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A virtual reality experience in London is the latest way to engage with virtual reality technology whilst having a great time socialising with family, friends, or even playing alone. Virtual reality (also commonly referred to as ‘VR’) is a simulation generated by a computer of a three dimensional environment or image which can be represented in an impressively realistic way via the use of specialist electronic equipment. So how do virtual reality experiences embrace this technology to create a high quality gaming experience?

What to expect from a virtual reality experience in London

Virtual reality is becoming extremely popular in the modern gaming market, and is now used worldwide. Despite the use of VR becoming more common however, many potential gamers may still be unsure of what to expect from a virtual reality gaming experience. Despite every facility differing greatly in terms of the services they offer to their gamers, players can expect to receive an initial demonstration before commencing their session.

What happens during this demo?

Although many individuals are familiar with virtual reality, many gamers may be new to this particular experience, or may even wish to refresh their memory before starting their immersive gaming experience. During the demonstration stage, players can expect to be introduced to their controls, whilst learning how to navigate the free-roaming gaming space. In addition, players may be given a sneak peak to their future game, and how to use the VR headset within this environment.

Is this introduction included within the virtual reality package?

Yes. Many modern virtual reality premises within London will include a demo within the package price, which can be attractive for many potential gamers.

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So what happens next?

After becoming familiarised with the headset and knowing what to expect from the experience, the game can begin. Sessions typically last for up to sixty minutes (although it is important to remember that every virtual reality experience provider may differ), and gamers can choose from a wide variety of modes.

What are the options?

Virtual reality experiences are a fantastic day out for all the family (although gamers have to be a minimum of thirteen years of age), or even a group of friends and couples too. Furthermore, many players may wish to play individually, which is always welcomed. A few examples of the varying gaming modes include an ‘Overrun’ option which requires players to defeat a zombie takeover originating from a clinic in 1987.

Are there other gaming modes available?

Yes, Overrun is just one of the many virtual reality experiences available and Overrun Stage Two takes this gaming mode to the next level, and is typically the most popular option for gamers. This improved gaming experience offers new levels comprising of extended walking distances and even commuting on the metro.

Is virtual reality right for me?

Many potential players who possess experience with more typical gaming consoles may be unsure if virtual reality is right for them, or if they’ll enjoy it. Despite these initial concerns however, VR is often loved by typical console users and adds a brand new dimension to the world of gaming.

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