Beat that Autoimmune Disorder with Acupuncture

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These days, many people are quite skeptical about the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. On the contrary, modern research has shown these methods to be quite useful in treating a wide range of diseases that relate to autoimmune disorders.

Sometimes, the body experiences a glitch that makes the immune system attack the body’s tissues and cells. It causes a wide range of symptoms depending on the body part under attack. The cause of this disorder is still unclear, but scientists suspect that hormones play a role as they are more prevalent in men than women.

The disorder encompasses a range of diseases, whose current treat regimes entail managing the symptoms. If you are not keen on having to swallow lots of pills daily, you might consider trying autoimmune disorder acupuncture in Seattle.

Does that even work?

Understandably, most people view acupuncture with a high degree of skepticism that often borders on scorn. However, you shouldn’t rule them out in your quest to improve your health. Just because they assume a different school of thought doesn’t mean they are harmful or ineffective.

The U.S. National Institute of Health gave acupuncture a clean bill of health as a treatment option after carrying out numerous studies. The state department documented and publicized this Eastern practice’s safety and efficacy in treating a range of health ailments. Following that vote of confidence, many insurance companies began covering the cost of acupuncture in pain management.

Most people shy away from going through with acupuncture because they are uncomfortable trying out a new approach. It is helpful that you keep an open mind when seeking to treat a nagging problem.

But that’s a lot of needles

Acupuncture on a man's back

Sure, the practice entails inserting fine sterile needles into the various acupuncture points scattered across the body. The specific point of insertion varies according to the ailment being treated. The strength of this practice lies in improving body functions and promoting the body’s natural healing process by stimulating unique sites in the body – acupuncture points.

Traditional Chinese medicine views the body as consisting of two contrary forces: yin and yang. When these forces strike a perfect balance, the body is in good health. The philosophy behind it posits that energy flowing along specific pathways in the body helps to balance the two opposing forces. Pain or a lack of function result when this flow of energy is disrupted.

Acupuncture therapy revolves around eliminating these blockades to stimulate the body’s function. Healing involves various physiological systems. Modern research has unraveled how acupuncture affects the endocrine and immune system. By stimulating any of these systems, acupuncture is instrumental in resolving pain, improving the digestive function, and improving the general sense of well-being.

In the end, it is only natural for people accustomed to Western medicine to doubt the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. However, modern research has given these oriental practices a clean bill of health and even lauded their efficiency. They have proven effective in treating and managing some autoimmune disorders successfully.

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