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Can any dentist administer dental implant procedures?

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Have you been going to your local dental practitioner for years? It would make sense that you might want them to perform implant surgery if you need teeth replaced. You trust this dentist, who has likely seen you at your worst and treated many dental infractions.

However, despite this, you should think twice or at least shop around for alternative oral health providers imbued with the necessary competencies and valuable experience to carry out this intricate procedure.

In the following, the dangers of not visiting an implant specialist for dental implants in St John’s Wood are discussed.

Why your general dental practitioner might not be equipped for the job

While your dentist may have undergone short courses on implants and can, legally speaking, carry out a treatment of this nature, he or she has not experienced the same intensive training as a specialist.

To successfully perform this procedure requires attention to detail and a high level of precision as implants can fail or dislodge if they are not positioned correctly.

Additionally, an implant dentist needs to carefully assess a patient’s mouth to determine whether they are viable candidates for implants. There are strict health criteria for getting implants, and a dentist who fails to pick up potential issues will result in your implant failing.

Lastly, even if your dentist performs the procedure without issue, you may find that the dental work is not as flawless as you imagined, because it is substandard or not carried out with the same advanced skills as with an implant dentist.

How do you know if a prospective dentist is equipped with the above mentioned skills and training?

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Check their credentials

If you are uncertain, ask the dentist about their education, training, and specific experience with regard to dental implants. A reputable dentist will not have an issue divulging information about their professional background.

You can also inquire about before and after photographs if you require more convincing, or you can look online for unbiased reviews from past patients.

They are board-certified

Being board-certified means that your potential dentist has undergone additional training and a series of strict tests to become board certified. They are implant experts in their own right.

A board-certified oral health provider can perform the procedure at the highest competency level.

They have plans to study further

Technology continues to change, which means that the equipment used for dental procedures is continually evolving. A dentist will keep abreast of this by attending seminars to learn the latest techniques for the safety and comfort of present and future patients.

What benefits can dental implants provide?

If you have found a suitable dental practitioner for dental implants, congratulations! You can look forward to the following benefits:

  • A prosthetic that is not just natural looking but also highly functional
  • A durable product that can last you years if you take care of it.
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem, knowing that your device is stable and looks real to the untrained eye.
  • Health benefits, including restored tooth function and regenerated jawbone. Losing teeth can impact your oral health – dental implants help to improve upon this.

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