Cranberry Pills vs. Cranberry Juice for Detox: Which Is Better?

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In this day and age of technology, we can turn a fruit or vegetable into a concentrated pill. It’s not as delicious or as fun to eat, but it provides us with the most nutrients we can get quickly and conveniently. It also helps those who have nutritional needs that aren’t met through their regular diet.

Cranberry pills, for example, are cranberries that are dried, crushed into a fine powder, and then turned into pills. With the growing trend of cranberry juice used to detoxify, can cranberry pills provide the same benefits? We answer your questions in this article.

Cranberries: Overview

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Cranberries, also known as the Vaccinium oxycoccos or the Vaccinium macrocarpon depending on the species’ location, are berries you can find from a certain type of shrub or bush. These grow in cooler climates in the Northern Hemisphere and are popular in the United States and Canada for its slightly hard berry exterior and its acidic, sweet, and slightly bitter and tart taste.

Cranberries are relatively harder than their relatives in the berry family. It can be eaten raw as fresh fruit or dried. It can also be juiced and sweetened (though adding sweetener won’t make it healthy). Cranberries are most popular as a sauce served with turkey during Thanksgiving.

Aside from their flavor, cranberries are believed to have many nutrients. Cranberries contain vitamin C, fiber, and minerals like manganese, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It also has anticoagulant properties and can increase the effects of warfarin.

Cranberries are also believed to have special uses that may be debatable. One is its ability to prevent and treat urinary tract infections and other types of bacterial infections. Another is its supposed antioxidant and anticancer properties. And third, it’s also capable of detoxifying the body, eliminating free radicals and anything that can cause aging and disease.

Cranberry Pills

Cranberry pills are made from cranberries that are dried and then crushed into a powder. This is then placed into pills that dissolve when digested. It’s a fast and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of a healthy serving of cranberries without having to eat that same amount every day. A cup of cranberries weighs around 100 grams, and that can take a long time to eat. Compared to one pill which can be the same as a serving of cranberries that can be consumed within seconds.

Cranberry pills are supposed to provide the same health benefits as eating fresh cranberries. Aside from the fact that you’re consuming a serving of cranberries in a matter of seconds, this form of cranberry product ensures that you’re not consuming cranberries with unnecessary sweeteners or preservatives. You can buy cranberry pills over the counter at drugstores, health stores, and on online stores.

Detoxifying with Cranberry Pills

Since cranberry pills have fewer carbohydrates and calories than raw cranberries, it may be extremely difficult to fast and consume nothing but water and cranberry pills. Before you do any detoxifying, it’s best to consult your doctor. Technically speaking, your liver and kidneys already have the job of detoxifying your body. If you have a health problem, it would be unwise to fast or change your diet as it could affect your organs’ performance.

Unlike detox diets where cranberry juice can be mixed with other juices, fruits, and vegetables, a detox on cranberry pills can be extremely difficult especially if the plan requires you not to eat anything during your cleanse. However, most plans are a mixture of cranberry juice, concentrated cranberry pills, and water, so the feeling of fullness comes from the fluids in your digestive system.

If done correctly, your body will remain hydrated and functional while still flushing the toxins out of your body. This is not a diet suitable for long-term, however, and eventually you’ll need to start consuming food again. During this period, your body will lack a lot of the necessary nutrients it needs to function, so you might want to stave off strenuous activities. Don’t rush back into solid food though, as you may get sick from the sudden change of diet. Start with light fruits and vegetables before trying out dairy, eggs, and meat. Your digestive system will adjust to the return of food.

Health Benefits of Cranberry Pills

Cranberry pills are best known for treating and preventing urinary tract infections. A previous study in 2008 found that cranberries can help some women with recurring UTI, but there aren’t enough studies or scientific evidence to prove that they’re an alternative to antibiotics. However, what scientific research has found is that cranberries contain a substance called proanthocyanidins that prevent bacteria from attaching to your urethra and bladder. Aside from UTI, this may be beneficial to bladder and urinary system disorders.

Cranberries contain antioxidants, which prevent your body from rapid aging from free radicals and other chronic illnesses. They actually contain more antioxidants than most other berries and fruits. Another benefit of cranberry pills is that they have higher concentration of antioxidants than raw cranberries or other types of cranberry products.

Other benefits include a healthier cardiovascular, digestive, dental, and immune system, better blood sugar control, and slowed down cancer cells. However, not all of these may apply to everyone who take cranberry juice or cranberry pills. You should not be looking at cranberries as a super-food that serves as an alternative to medicine.



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