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Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

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A fresh approach to dental hygiene

Everybody loves that clean, fresh feeling after visiting a dental hygienist in Edinburghand having their teeth scaled and polished.

That feeling lasts for several days after, running one’s tongue over the smooth surfaces that over time build up plaque and hard to remove tartar in those hard to reach and easy to miss spots when teeth are brushed.

And let’s not forget how white teeth can become simply by removing those coffee, tea, wine or smoking stains that one cannot do by brushing alone.

It is important not to forget that having teeth cleaned professionally by a hygienist is not only for esthetic purposes even though it makes a patient feel so much better about themselves and their smile.

What else is having clean teeth good for?

A clean mouth is a healthy mouth, with the buildup of plaque and tartar caused by food and bacteria removed, giving the mouth a clean slate.

New research has shown that gum disease can lead to other health problems, including heart disease. There is a link between the health of one’s mouth and the health of the entire body, so it is important to ensure that oral health is maintained to the best of one’s ability.

What else can a hygienist do for me?

Education is the biggest saviour to a problem mouth, where so many people have great intentions for their oral health but just don’t exactly know the right steps for their personal needs.

A good hygienist will go through the many steps that one can take to ensure that each patient is doing all they can at home to effectively care for their oral health.

Information about what kinds of toothbrushes are available that best suit an individual’s needs, flossing, rinsing and how often are just a few of the tips that a good hygienist will explain in detail to create an effective home treatment plan to provide the best possible oral health for each patient.

Who should see a hygienist and how often?

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Hygienists are not only for people who are suffering from periodontal or gum disease, however, they can be a huge help in the treatment of any of these issues.

It is important for all adults to visit a hygienist, as well as their regular visits to a dentist. It is not necessary in this modern day of thinking within dental practises to visit a dentist prior to booking an appointment with a hygienist.

It is recommended that every 6 months a scale and polish from a hygienist will remove any of the build up that may have occurred or any stains that have begun to present themselves and will keep a patient’s teeth in optimal condition.

Each individual is different and a home treatment plan may reduce the need for such frequent visits. Aim to see a hygienist every 6 months and discuss personal options with your understanding consultant.

To have that unique clean feeling and to enjoy a brighter and whiter smile is again is a great confidence boost that should be enjoyed by all.

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