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Digital Detox for a Better Holistic Lifestyle

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It is a common sight to see people bent over their phones. Their fingers keep scrolling; their eyes transfixed on what they see on their screens. You may not even have to go far because you also find yourself in such a scenario. This is the effect of digital technology in our lives.

It may seem harmless at the onset and on the surface. But, as we probe deeper, we find how technology has affected our physical and mental health. People spend a large amount of their day on their phones or other devices. A digital detox is an excellent course of action at this point. When we set an intentional time away from our devices, we reap many advantages. Here are some of the most important ones.

Regulate Eating Habits

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The frequent use of phones is evident even on dining tables. As such, people are distracted when eating their meals. They take in too little or too much. Some women limit their food intake. They want to maintain an image worthy of social media. A digital detox can help deal with some eating disorders.

In the absence of devices while on the table, people could focus on what they eat. They can get the right portions of food fit for them. Also, women do not have to create a superficial image for them to feel accepted. She can eat without fear that she will get judged. Of course, the key here is to maintain healthy choices of food.

Realign Sleeping Patterns

Phone use at night and in bed disrupts sleep. The blue light from your phone alters the melatonin levels in your body. This hormone helps to set your sleep-wake cycle. Thus, overusing your phone at night will make you feel awake even if you are tired.

A digital detox will help melatonin levels to be at their normal state. Thus, you can expect a more restful night. A digital detox should not be an option during bedtime. You should do this regularly. It is advisable to remove any devices from your bedroom two to three hours before bedtime.

Regain a Healthy Sense of Self

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Do you feel validated with the number of likes and comments on your posts? Do you feel that other people are living lives that are better than yours? If you answer yes to any or both questions, then it is time to step away from using your phone.

Overuse of social media affects a person’s mental health. It increases anxiety and depression. They feel that they always need to present perfect lives. Also, the comparison game is always on. Doing a digital detox would help one realize that none of these things matter. There is life outside the likes, comments, posts, and photos that are on social media.

Raise Productivity

Using your phone could disrupt the natural flow of your thoughts while you are at work. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, you find yourself checking your e-mail. What’s worse, you even scroll through social media during work hours. This multitasking act consumes time and energy that you should have directed to work. Putting away your phone will help you finish your tasks in lesser time and more excellent quality.

Restore Face-to-face Interactions

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Excessive phone use affects your relationships with your loved ones. It seems to be common to be in the same room with family or friends yet be disconnected from them. Everybody is busy with their virtual worlds. Some attempt to spend quality time with loved ones. But, they could not resist the urge to check their phone many times.

A digital detox will allow you to enjoy human connection once again. You will have uninterrupted and long conversations with family and friends. It will also bring back an act of courtesy of not withdrawing to a world of your own in the presence of others.

Reach a Mindful State

Using your phone can also be a form of escape. When you are in a difficult situation, you choose to hide behind your phone. You browse through your social media or watch some funny videos. This act is not bad in itself. A momentary respite from a negative situation could help you realign your thoughts.

But, excessive time on the phone could detach you from what you need to do and understand. Instead of looking into yourself, you become desensitized with the issue.

A digital detox can help you be more aware again of your thoughts and emotions. In a quieter state, you can listen to your inner voice.

The intentional act of doing a digital detox for a certain time will bring many positive outcomes. Your body, mind, and soul will find rest from the noise of the digital world.

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