Does Holistic Skin Care Help Treat Serious Skin Problems?

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Many people aspire to achieve clear skin and spend a small fortune on products and procedures to achieve this. In an article by Minimalism, the average woman spends around $3,756 per year on her appearance, and 25% of that is spent on her face alone. However, despite all the money being spent, many women still consider skincare to be among their top priorities.

It is easy to see why many people, yourself included would aspire for clear skin. Having skin problems like dull and acne-prone skin can take a toll on your self-confidence. It doesn’t help that social media constantly bombards us with images of what perfection would look like. Oftentimes, skin problems would give us an emotional beating, which would impact us more than what the physical body could do.

You might have tried a handful of products for your face that would guarantee to rid your face of acne and give you clearer skin. Many of these might have ended up in disappointment even if your favorite YouTube influencer “swears by” these products.

Fortunately, you do not have to use a ton of products on your face in order for you to achieve that clear skin without the need of spending a chunk of your paycheck on skincare products, peelings, facials, and masks.

There are other remedies for common skin ailments like acne, redness, pimples, discoloration, or dry skin that are 100% natural and affordable and do not make use of harmful chemicals. Unwelcome skin breakouts do not necessarily stop after the teenage years. A study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health talks of the prevalence of acne in adults.

In order to achieve long term results, a holistic approach may be the best way to get rid of chronic acne. In this article, we will discuss the basics of having a holistic, and natural skin care routine. 

Your body is an intelligent machine that gears you up for survival because of its unique ability to adapt to the conditions of its current environment. It does this via an intricate system of sensors, such as the ones that are built into your 300 million skin cells.

However, even the most intelligent machines can be disrupted because of poor health and wellness choices. In fact, the food choices that you make have a direct impact on your body, and ultimately, your skin. Here are some ways that a holistic skincare routine can solve your severe acne problems:

a. You are what you eat

Health and nutrition experts are advocates of a plant-based diet to promote a healthy lifestyle. Research says that if you stuff yourself with low-nutritional-value junk foods and drinks, such as processed foods and alcohol, your liver will become toxic as it malfunctions from being too overwhelmed by all the toxins in your body.

If you want to achieve that healthy and glowing skin, you must start from within, which is to have a body care routine that includes a healthy diet. This means that you must replace all that junk with healthy superfoods, such as green leafy vegetables and fruits that contain the important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to thrive. ;

b. Check your intake of dairy

Speaking of checking up on your diet, you also should take note of your dairy intake. Food rich in dairies, such as milk, cheese, and ice cream has been found to increase levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). This would increase testosterone which regulates the production of facial sebum.

c. Do not underestimate the power of beauty sleep

While it might seem cliche, a good night's sleep will certainly do wonders for your skin. When you sleep, your skin is given time to breathe and repair itself from the damage it has acquired throughout the day. During the day, your skin takes a regular beating thanks to the sun's UV rays, weather, dryness, and air pollution. When you are asleep, your skin will focus on repairing itself and will amp up its production of collagen, which is essential in the fight against skin aging. After a good night's sleep, your skin will end up looking refreshed and you will have more radiant-looking skin.

So, can a holistic skincare routine rid your skin of acne? Yes, it can. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle and refrain from using harsh products on your skin, it will be as if you have undergone acne scar laser treatment. When caring for your skin, sometimes a minimalist lifestyle is the best route to go. Your skin will thank you for it.

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