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Rebuilding natural-looking smiles with dental implants

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When people smile, they tend to expose their teeth, at least in part, as it helps to portray a natural smile to give off the signs that they are happy or delighted by something; this is also true of laughter in many people. By smiling, people send a signal to others that they are fun-loving and may be enjoyable to be around; this helps them to attract others that they can then go on to form friendships and relationships that may shape a person’s entire life.

Everybody knows that accidents and other unexpected changes can cause a change that leaves a lasting impact upon a person. One such change could lead to someone having to live with missing teeth. Once someone has lost a tooth or several teeth, they may start to feel an impact that forces them to make changes to the way they use their mouth and teeth. Some may have to change their eating habits while others may start to smile less.

Many of those who lose a tooth then start to investigate ways in which they can regain the teeth they are missing. Dental implants Sydney CBD can offer such people a permanent, fixed-in-place solution to tooth loss.

Giving someone new teeth that feel totally natural

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One of the key facts about dental implants is that they feel completely natural once they are inserted into the patient’s mouth and jawbone, making them hard to distinguish from any remaining teeth surrounding them. They are also extremely hard-wearing due to the materials used in their construction and are capable of coping with the toughest of foods.

For patients who have found they have to change their eating habits, this is a treatment that can give them the freedom to enjoy food in the way they wish, liberating them from having to only eat foods that will not pose them any challenges or discomfort. Finally, they can put items like steak back into their menus of foods they wish to enjoy when out for a meal with friends and loved ones.

Understand the treatment procedure

A titanium screw is inserted into the patient’s jawbone to form a strong foundation for their new tooth that sits at the top of the screw, just above the gum line. The new tooth is created from a tough ceramic material that is hard-wearing enough to cope with the daily rigours that people naturally put their teeth through. The ceramic tooth will be shaped and coloured to match any existing teeth, allowing it to blend in with any remaining teeth.

Once the new tooth or teeth are in place in the patient’s mouth, the patient will be able to use them just like natural teeth, without any worry of them coming loose or moving around within their mouth. With the correct care, the new teeth will last the patient a lifetime, so regular brushing and flossing is a must.

Because of the way these implants look, no one would see any difference when comparing them against other natural teeth surrounding them; this means that the patient’s smile will appear natural once again.


All surgical or invasive procedures carry risks. Before proceeding, you should see a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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