The Basics of Lacrisert

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Lacrisert is an insert that’s placed in your eye. Primarily, it’s used as a treatment for dry eyes. Eye moisturizing of this kind helps prevent injury, infection, as well as disorders like decreased corneal sensitivity and keratitis.

Many people consider Lacrisert an artificial tears solution. However, although it’s used to help moisturize your eyes, Lacrisert isn’t precisely an artificial tear solution.

You can order Lacrisert through an order-prescription-online-US service. Here are some basics regarding this treatment option.

Using Lacrisert

Lacrisert isn’t some sort of a pill that you take with water. It doesn’t come in the form of eye drops, either. The application is a bit more complicated.

If you happen to swallow a Lacrisert insert, monitor your condition for a few hours after the fact. If you experience breathing issues or feel like you’re going to pass out, call the emergency services immediately. Swallowing Lacrisert isn’t necessarily dangerous, but it can easily turn harmful.

Before anything else, you need to wash your hands before using this medication. Lacrisert comes in the form of an insert, which is placed inside the eye socket. Placement should under no circumstances be done using your hands. The insert shouldn’t be touched at any point.

Most (probably every) order-prescription-online-US-based service will include an applicator inside the Lacrisert package. Use this applicator to apply the medication.

Bear in mind that you should remove your contact lenses before applying the insert. Don’t put the lenses back on for at least a couple of minutes after placing an insert.

In fact, you should ask your doctor about contact lens replacement before using Lacrisert.

Lacrisert is typically placed once or twice daily, depending on your doctor’s orders. After using the applicator on one eye, rinse it with hot running water. Let it dry off a bit, and then apply it to your other eye (if necessary). It’s crucial that you rinse the applicator with hot water after each use.

While using this medication, you should avoid rubbing your eyes.

Combining with Other Eye Medication

Lacrisert is often used with artificial tears or saline drops to boost its effect. However, do not use anything other than Lacrisert, unless your doctor tells you to. There might be a reason why artificial tears/saline solution hasn’t worked on your eye(s) – that’s why your doctor prescribed Lacrisert. Talk with your physician before making decisions on your own.

Regular Use

As any physician, pharmacist, or an order-prescription-online-US-based service will recommend – Lacrisert is best used regularly. You may not see the benefits of this medication for weeks, even months. Therefore, daily use (preferably at the same time of day) is necessary. If your doctor’s orders are to use it more than once, make sure that you do it in accordance with their instructions.

However, if your condition starts worsening or doesn’t improve after long-term use, you should contact your doctor and ask them for advice.


Like any other form of medication, whether you bought it at your local pharmacy or via an order-prescription-online-US service, Lacrisert might cause certain side-effects.

For instance, you may feel eye irritation, discomfort, or redness. You may also experience tearing, light sensitivity, sticky eyelashes, even blurred vision. Don’t worry. These side-effects shouldn’t persist for too long. However, if they do, contact your pharmacist or your doctor promptly.

Swelling around the eyes and vision changes aren’t typical side-effects with Lacrisert, but can occur in some patients. Contact your GP immediately if this is the case.

If you experience a severe allergic reaction to this drug, call the emergency services right away. This is an extremely rare occurrence, though, so you don’t have to worry about it too much. The symptoms of a severe allergic reaction include itching, swelling (tongue/face/throat), breathing difficulties, and dizziness.

Interaction with Other Medicine

It’s absolutely essential that you tell your GP what drugs you’re using before they prescribe you Lacrisert. We’re talking prescription medicine, over-the-counter medicine, legal, as well as illegal psychoactive drugs. You need to be open with your physician before you commence the Lacrisert treatment.

Once you’ve told them everything, and once they’ve given you a prescription, you can get Lacrisert at your local pharmacy or contact a reputable order-prescription-online-US-based pharmacy, such as PremiumRX.

Using Lacrisert

So, there you have it, those are the basics of using Lacrisert prescription medicine. Remember to be open about your drug/medicine consumption with your GP and feel free to contact your pharmacist/doctor if some complications occur. Other than that, Lacrisert is a particularly effective medicine that can help you with a variety of eye-centric issues.

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