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Why Do People Get Depressed?

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Depression is an illness that can affect the mental and physical aspect of your self. It is more than just sadness or loneliness because it can change not only your emotions but also your whole being. Self-medication might not be enough. You should consult counsellors in Bellfield so that you’ll know what to do with your condition. It is not something that you can control because it is an illness that needs proper therapy and medication.

Life does not always consist of happy moments because there will also be bad days to come. You need to experience problems and setbacks to grow stronger and be more mature in dealing with life. Still, sometimes, these bad experiences have adverse effects. Here are some life events that can lead to depression:


The death of a family member or friend can be devastating and sometimes shocking. The person who is left behind will face responsibilities and the feeling of being alone. This situation can be overwhelming and result in depression.


It can be physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. This usually happens to children when their guardians or parents hurt them in any way. As they grow up, they can develop low self-esteem and insecurity.


At some point in your life, you might experience a distressing event, like an accident or fire that can consume all your belongings. If you experience these kinds of situations, you will probably develop a fear of some people, things, or places. It will limit your ability to go out into the world.


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As a student, you can have teachers who tend to give lots of assignments and projects. There will be times when you won’t know when and where to start. School days will pass by slowly because of too much pressure to work on all those tasks. This is when you might break down physically and emotionally.

As an employee, meeting deadlines and staying up late in the office can cause stress. You will also have misunderstandings and little fights with your boss or fellow employees. If all of these happen at the same time and you’re facing them alone, they can give you lots of stress and pressure.

Everyone experiences these stressful moments in their lives. But not everyone has a positive way to deal with them. They will have different reactions or responses to various situations.


A phobia can be acquired from different things. These days, some people have aversion to particular situations, items or even living creatures. It is a fear of something. Every time people encounter it, they will be afraid or uncomfortable. Therefore, it can cause anxiety and even paranoia.

In the end, mental health is a huge problem, and it’s something that you can’t just ignore. Depression alone has taken a lot of lives, both young and old. To battle and cope with mental health illnesses, you have to understand yourself more, learn how to control it, and surround yourself with people who will support and build you up.

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