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Worried your teenager will say no to treatment with a brace? Five advantages of Invisalign for teens!

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If you have been online lately looking for advice on braces, chances are you have come across texts on traditional orthodontic braces for children and the array of options for adults. But, even though it is rarely written about, orthodontics is also growing in popularity amongst teenagers.

Now, while you may initially think of a teenager wearing a set of metal braces and then be confused about how this is becoming more popular, rest assured that if you have a teenager who needs their teeth straightened, there are other options. Indeed, many dental surgeries in the UK are more than happy to offer teenagers treatment with more adult aimed braces, to ensure that they look their best while undertaking orthodontic treatment.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one! Provided your teenager wears their invisible braces from Clapham for the required time each day, they will have that straighter smile in no time at all!

Want to know more about the benefits of invisible braces in Clapham? Read on!

Minimal pressure

OK, so while it may be obvious to assume that invisible braces near Clapham are not as effective as orthodontic braces, this is not the case; they simply straighten the teeth in a different way.

Indeed, brands such as Invisalign fit snugly over the teeth and apply pressure to specific areas, gently pushing them into their new, desired location. Unlike traditional braces, there is no tightening required and therefore, there is minimal pressure.

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As part of the treatment, your teenager will have to wear their brace for up to 22 hours a day to get the full benefit; this is why Invisalign is not commonly used with children.

If your teenager can handle wearing this aligner for the allotted time set down by their dentist, they can remove the braces as and when they need to, for example, when they want to brush their teeth.


Mentioned briefly earlier, one of the key advantages of Invisalign is that your teenager won’t be wearing them for years and years.

Of course, while this will depend on the severity of their dental malocclusion or misalignment, on average, Invisalign treatments are completed in about 6 months. This is one of the key reasons this brace is so popular among teenagers; it works very quickly!


As the name suggests, Invisalign is, well, invisible and so, while undertaking treatment with it, your teenager won’t have to worry about hiding their smile or drawing unwanted attention from their classmates.

Made from a flexible but hardy plastic, Invisalign braces are transparent, meaning that unless you look very closely, you are unlikely to notice them. Perfect for teenagers who want to look their best!


Long term, Invisalign is a very effective aligner, meaning that your teenager is unlikely to need orthodontic treatment as an adult.

Indeed, over 97% of all teenagers who have undergone realignment with this brace report that their straighter smile was still intact and secure 5 years after treatment. What else could you want in a brace?

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