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A Word of Advice: Just Keep Trying

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Just like Facebook, YouTube is becoming a mainstay in today’s digital age. One cannot only live without it as it is not just a source of entertainment, but also an alternative platform for learning. Whatever floats your boat, it’s all in YouTube — short clips of your favorite series, Billie Eilish’s songs, or even Krebs Cycle simplified. YouTube is also where influential figures come alive. In a study conducted by Variety in 2015, the audience finds them more reliable compared to mainstream stars due to their “candid sense of humor and risk-taking spirit.” One of those influential YouTubers is the Try Guys.

Who are the Try Guys?

Beginning their careers in Buzzfeed, a group of four adult men – Keith, Ned, Zach, and Eugene – became famous in 2014 for trying anything no matter how bizarre. They then left their jobs in Buzzfeed in 2018 and started their own production company, keeping the same branding. Now holding seven (7) million subscribers, they have made videos on cooking without recipes and eating everything off a restaurant’s menu. Their independence allowed them to explore more with their creativity without restrictions. With endless possibilities, they might even make videos on what the life of a car accident chiropractor looks like or interesting spots in Lehi, Utah.

Content for everyone

The Try Guys are famous because they make simple things entertaining. They just live up to their brand of trying. More than this, their content is for everyone across all ages. It’s always pure and wholesome. These four guys are living proof that one doesn’t need to be offensive to be funny. Eugene recently came out as a proud member of the LGBTQ community through a personal music video, and his company and fans deeply supported him. The work they create continues to make an impact on a broader audience, being as inclusive of every member as possible.

In their videos, they’re not always showing the viewers what they’re trying, like how it was done during their days in Buzzfeed. They’re also providing educational information by engaging in discussions with subject matter experts, such as on facial care treatment or precautionary safety measures during an earthquake. But most of the time, the guys are just harmlessly having fun.

Truly legends of the internet

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In two separate interviews with MTV and Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, the guys highlighted the importance of failing. Their message is inspiring to the viewers because it incites confidence to go out of one’s comfort zone even if it means failing at the first attempt. It’s all about learning something new and being flexible to new experiences. This also means breaking toxic masculinity and that men, in general, don’t need to be macho to exhibit their personality.

Because of their openness to trying, they have received many opportunities to expand their talent. They launched a new podcast called the Trypod and embarked on their first tour nationwide, covering twenty (20) different cities in the US. The Try Guys are also No. 1 New York Times bestselling authors of their first book entitled The Hidden Power of F*cking Up. Each try guy shares his biggest insecurities and how he was able to overcome that struggle.

The Try Guys have established a good and natural rapport with each other and, of course, with their audience. They instantly built a community where everyone feels a sense of belongingness. They serve as a reminder of what it means to be human, and it’s almost as if they don’t seem to be trying.

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