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Improving Seniors’ Quality of Life: How Can You Help?

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While we may focus on the quantity of our lives in hopes to live as long as possible, we must focus on the quality of it, as well. Something that aging seniors deal with is the loss in quality of life. They need more than medical attention. They need to be happy, too.

To keep your senior citizens happy and healthy, here are four tips to help you enhance their quality of life.

Remind Them They Are Needed and Useful

While many seniors are in retirement, they may feel like they have little use around the house. Everyone wants to feel like they have value, and it is important to remind them they are irreplaceable. They do not want to become a burden in your household.

Allocate tasks for them to do that is within their capabilities, like managing the bills or to help with basic errands. You can also ask them to do small household chores to keep them busy and feel needed.

Senior Living

If your senior wants to live their retirement alone, then you should look for an independent living facility in your area. Senior communities help encourage peace of mind, health, and quality of life. They will feel like they get to live their own life without being in your way. Plus, they get to live in a community of people their age, which will help them socialize more. These types of places are specifically designed to benefit your senior in all aspects.

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Treat and Monitor Depression

Seniors above 65 years old are often hit with depression. There could be several reasons they feel depressed, including retirement and losing a spouse. Medications and diseases could also be another reason they got depressed. If you see any warning signs of depression in your senior, seek immediate professional help. You can ask a doctor or psychiatrist to help you know what steps you should take to make them feel better.

Encourage Mental and Physical Activity

Everyone needs to get mentally stimulated, especially when our aging seniors. To improve or keep cognitive function, seniors need regular mental stimulation. Plus, it will maintain their overall sense of well-being. There are many “brain games” they can do to keep their brains active, such as writing, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and storytelling. You can encourage them to make it a social activity. For instance, they can join a book club.

Other than staying mentally fit, your senior needs to stay physically fit as well. Exercise can release endorphins, which are happy hormones that can relieve stress and pain. It can also help encourage heart health, build stamina, relieve anxiety, and improve their quality of sleep. It will help stimulate blood flow, which is crucial to avoid joint pain, arthritis, and many other issues.

There are many simple ways you can encourage physical activity, such as Zumba classes, taking daily 15 to 30 minutes walks, and cycling on a stationary bike for 30 minutes, among others.

We need to take care of our senior loved ones, especially in their golden years. Follow these tips to improve their quality of life.

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