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Dealing with Dental Fear and Anxiety

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If you think that you are the only one who fears to go to the dentist, you are wrong. Research shows that between 11 percent and 20 percent of Americans avoid dental visits due to fear or anxiety. Dental phobia leaves people terrified and panic-stricken when they have dental visits. However, such people don’t know how to deal with stress. Such people have trouble sleeping the night before the dental appointment and uneasiness at the thought of visiting a dentist. The feeling of nervousness escalates when waiting in the dental office.

The good news is that you don’t have to postpone your dental visits due to anxiety or fear. Besides, when you delay dental visits, you are likely to experience severe pain and costly procedures. The best way to deal with dental anxiety is finding ways to cope with it.

Recognize your fears and talk to your dentist

You need to accept your fears or anxiety so that you address them. You need to list down your fears so that you recognize them and come into terms with them. Unfortunately, most people don’t talk to their dentists about their worries. Talking to your family dentist in Fort Worth is an essential way of dealing with dental phobias. The dentist will know how to explain dental procedures or examinations in advance and make the environment comfortable.

Find a dentist who cares

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Quality dental care begins by looking for a dentist who understands you. You can cope with your dental anxiety by finding a dentist who understands your fears and has handled patients with stress in the past. You can ask for referrals from people around you. You need a dentist who will spend extra time with you during the dental visits and go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable before and during the dental exam or procedures.

Bring along a companion during appointments

You can cope with dental fear when you have extra support during a dental meeting. You can bring your partner, friend, or family member to assure you. If possible, your companion can keep you company during the procedure. Also, you should make sure that the person does not have fears.

Use distractions

Unpleasant smells, scary sounds, and sharp tools in the dental office can add salt to injury to a patient suffering from dental anxiety. As such, you can find ways to distract yourself from the things that can intensify the situation. Most dental offices let you watch a movie or listen to music. Additionally, you can wear earplugs or headphones.

Reward yourself

You need to reward yourself after making a milestone like completing a dental procedure or overcoming dental fear. You can buy yourself something nice or go on a weekend gateway. It helps you relate dental appointments with fun activities, which significantly reduces dental fear.

Your dental fear shouldn’t discourage you from dental appointments or dental procedures such as a root canal. You can find the courage to face this fear without straining. Overcoming it will significantly benefit your dental and overall health.

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